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Friday, June 06, 2008

Long overdue

PD with D & Gang
It was a short one, but it was good, considering how stressed out I was that week (worrying about my visa and not getting my income tax clearance). An afternoon of beer, wine, a ciggy (I don't smoke) and mahjong, followed by an ill-equipped BBQ and crab hunting were pretty good diversions. The keropok lekor was kick ass, but no picture :(. Thanks to MH for driving.

(left) Dinner when we arrived - doesn't the fish look pretty like Aunt Molly?
(right) Mahjong is fun when you're half wasted.

(left) It really was that dark. (right) Dogma's catch. It really was 'this' big.

Dinner at WS's.
Thank you WS for hosting dinner the other night ;-)
And thanks to Spot and Snowie for this.
It was really sweet (figuratively speaking). Let's play!
Hehehe :)
D & I couldn't resist when we got home.

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Blogger drownedglass said...

Lemme guess, the secret message is:

"Bye, Wench! In China stuck. Nuts."

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