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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

18 days to go

My last day is on Friday. I'm really gonna miss this place and the people who are my dearest friends. Even if I don't leave, it wouldn't be the same anyway. YL is leaving for HK. JH is leaving for another place. TL and RK have left. Now I'm just sad to leave the rest of them. I should start packing my workstation.

I'm collecting my visa tomorrow. Income tax clearance done, so I won't be deprived of my final salary. Some freelance moolah has come in, and I've cashed out some of my unit trust, so I'm not surviving on a near empty bank account. I've vaccinated my girl and renewed her overdue doggy license.

My To-Do list is considerably shorter now, but it still feels like a lot to cover in less than 3 weeks! At this time last week, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I'm just glad the worse is over, and all the crucial things like the visa and income tax stuff are settled.

Post Edit as of 4.6.08
  • Collect my visa tomorrow Done!
  • Confirm flight and collect ticket Done!
  • Clean up my room (again) - sort out To Bring, To Ship, To Throw
  • Start packing
  • Get my bike stuff sorted out (JW, I'll be calling you soon about the trainer!)
  • Call my insurance agent to check on my coverage Done!
  • Consolidate all my bills Done!
  • Do up a Sunshine Manual for my parents and her dogma Done!
  • Spend some quality time with people I love
  • Catch up with friends
  • Check if I can get the keys to my apartment soon and how to manage it while I'm gone Done!
  • Get shipping quote
  • Get my own domain and put together a China-friendly blog
  • Get a freaking hair cut!
Anything else I should remember?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you're packing, don't forget about me...

*D hopeful that he fits into luggage*


9:40 am  
Blogger aref khalid said...

hugs us all.


7:39 pm  
Blogger drownedglass said...

DON'T FORGET! Drink lots of water. And breathe :-)


8:17 am  

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