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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm now blogging at http://wandernut.com.

Before I arrived in Shanghai, Blogspot was banned in China (as are other blog sites like Wordpress). But whaddya know, I can access it!

Oh well, now that I've gotten used to a Wordpress interface at my new blog, I think I'll blog there from now on. Besides, I'll never know when they'll decide to block Blogspot again.

See ya around!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More things off the list

Collected the bike trainer from JW on Sunday.

Paid deposit for lights and fixtures in Saffron apartment.

Bought bathroom stuff from Ikea. Water heaters. Fan.

Packed bicycle. Bought a set of tools (some allen keys). Learnt how to put my bike back together at Edwin's shop. I hope I remember a few weeks from now.

The shipping consultant is coming over tomorrow morning to survey the cost of my shipping. And I'm not even done packing the stuff for shipping yet! ARGGHHH! Stress.

The highlight for me today was meeting up with HS, EY and KP at Ikea. Was so good to see them and share a few laughs. Another good part about the day was digging into the kick ass fried chicken and white coffee (even nicer than Ipoh wan mann) at Village Park, DU, next to the bike shop.

Head's spinning. Too much to do. Toodles.

Friday, June 06, 2008

wandernut.com is online!

Thanks to JP, it's up and running now.
Now all I have to do is learn how to use WP properly, and how to play around with it. Plan to change the header picture later, add a few widgets. Hehe.

So that's one more thing off my To-Do list.


Long overdue

PD with D & Gang
It was a short one, but it was good, considering how stressed out I was that week (worrying about my visa and not getting my income tax clearance). An afternoon of beer, wine, a ciggy (I don't smoke) and mahjong, followed by an ill-equipped BBQ and crab hunting were pretty good diversions. The keropok lekor was kick ass, but no picture :(. Thanks to MH for driving.

(left) Dinner when we arrived - doesn't the fish look pretty like Aunt Molly?
(right) Mahjong is fun when you're half wasted.

(left) It really was that dark. (right) Dogma's catch. It really was 'this' big.

Dinner at WS's.
Thank you WS for hosting dinner the other night ;-)
And thanks to Spot and Snowie for this.
It was really sweet (figuratively speaking). Let's play!
Hehehe :)
D & I couldn't resist when we got home.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

A bum and a half

Monday. First day as an official bum. Unpacked the junk I brought home from work. Sorted them out. Temporarily placed them haphazardly on any surface that wouldn't trip over anyone. Went to One Utama to do a little shopping. Met up with my insurance agent for some updates and planning. Met up with LY and FH, made a quick trip to Digital Mall and to Paramount for dinner. Went over to D's. Attempted to set up webcam.

Tuesday. Spent the morning excavating my room. It's funny how it still looks like a disaster area. Went to Mid Valley with dad. Used half my Metrojaya voucher (RM50) on nice fluffy towels at 70% off. Not bad. Had lunch at Little Penang Cafe. Collected Saffron keys. Paid for more stuff. Felt very poor. Drove home in heavy rain. Dinner with D. Watched a DVD. Fiddled with Skype. Webcam worked but mike didn't. Hmmm.

Wednesday. Consolidated my bills into credit card auto debit. Not applicable to Streamyx and Syabas (water). Sigh. Went to the gym at The Curve. Walked to One Utama to avoid crazy traffic jam and petrol station hunters - price went up to RM2.70 per litre today. It was only a 13-min brisk walk. Had dinner at Shogun with LY and WY. Not very good (the food, not the company). Had coffee with LY back at The Curve. Drove home. Traffic at the LDP at a stand still. Strangely, it was not caused by the Shell Station along the highway. Since the LDP wasn't moving anyway, I thought I might as well swing by and join the queue to fill my half-full tank. It was 11.50pm. At 12.05am, I filled RM50 worth of petrol at the old price, saving myself RM14. What can that buy me these days. Back on the LDP, traffic was at a crawl, but it was moving a little. Got home at 12.30am, about an hour since I left The Curve.

Thursday. Right now. Wee hours of the morning. Regretting the coffee I had 3 hours ago.

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