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Monday, January 21, 2008

Race Calendar for 2008

Now that the first race is done and over with, here are the other races I hope to do this year. Some dates are not confirmed as of right now, so I've put in tentative dates based on last year's calendar. I doubt I'll go for every race, but will definitely go for as many as time, leave days and finances permit.


RUN: Great Eastern 30km Run
20 January - Lake Gardens, KL


RUN: KLIM Half Marathon (21km)
30th March - Dataran Merdeka, KL
My 2nd half marathon. Hope to finish under 2:30 (previous time 2:38)


TRI: Bukit Merah International Triathlon
3th - 4th May (tentative) - Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Perak
It was on last year, but I don't know if it will be this year. If it's on, I'll be going right after MF & CS's wedding reception in Ipoh. Popping my triathlon cherry! Woohoo!

TRI: A'Famosa Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
10th - 11th May- A'Famosa Resort, Alor Gajah, Melaka

RUN: New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run
18th May - Padang Merbok, KL
Last year's time was was in the 1:50s. Hope to do under 1:40 this time.

TRI: Kenyir Lake International Triathlon (Sprint/Olympic Distance)
25th May - Kenyir, Terengganu
Was told this is the nicest and the 'must do' triathlon of the year.


TRI: Sarawak International Triathlon (Sprint/Olympic Distance)
21st June (tentative) - Miri, Sarawak
This depends on how expensive/difficult it would be for me to send my bike over for the race. Right now it sounds mighty troublesome.

RUN: Penang Bridge Marathon (21km)
22nd June (tentative) - Penang
Looking at how badly organised it was last year, I seriously doubt I want to go again. But oh the food...


RUN: Siemens 10km
6th July (tentative) - Dataran Merdeka, KL

TRI: Port Dickson Triathlon (Sprint/Olympic Distance)
20th July - Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
I remember a family friend's son used to go for this one. He was in college back then, and I was an asthmatic 8 year old. I used to look at his pictures and medals in awe and thought having numbers painted on his body was really cool. No, I was too young to really check out other details about his body. Tsk.


RUN: Adidas King of the Road 10km / 21km
3 August (tentative) - Sunway NPE, Selangor

RUN: PJ Half Marathon 21km
10 August (tentative) - Kelana Jaya Stadium, PJ, Selangor
Finished 2:38 last year. Hope to do 2:20 or less. Hee.

RUN: Subang Jaya 10km
24 August (tentative) - MPSJ Stadium, Selangor

BIKE: PCC Interstate 2008
Long-distance Cycling Road Tour
29th - 31st August (tentative) - Around Malaysia
LY and I hope to do this. She plans to clean up her old bike and start cycling again. YAY!


TRI: Desaru Pengerang International Long Distance Triathlon
18th October - Desaru, Johor
Doubt I will have time to train for long distance or have enough leave days to make so many trips, but I'm putting this in the list anyway, just for fun. Even if I do go, I'd most likely be doing the Sprint Distance.


DUATH: Powerman Duathlon
9th Nov (tentative) - Lumut, Perak
No swim? YAYYYYY!!

Longer term goals

- Run a full marathon in 2009 if I can get past the mental barrier of doing so. The recent 30km was painful enough. Can't imagine running another 12km. Yet. Aiiieeeeee!!!
- If I do manage to run a full marathon in 2009, I'll probably reward myself with a better bike and try for Ironman 2010.
- Now let's see if I break something get tired of all this before the year is out :)

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Blogger tryathlete said...

Sounds like quite a year ahead of you. But remember, the most important thing is to have fun.

- arif

11:44 am  
Anonymous shao said...

run forrest! run!

get sunshine to pace u lah...these dogs run like crazy...

9:38 pm  

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