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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More things off the list

Collected the bike trainer from JW on Sunday.

Paid deposit for lights and fixtures in Saffron apartment.

Bought bathroom stuff from Ikea. Water heaters. Fan.

Packed bicycle. Bought a set of tools (some allen keys). Learnt how to put my bike back together at Edwin's shop. I hope I remember a few weeks from now.

The shipping consultant is coming over tomorrow morning to survey the cost of my shipping. And I'm not even done packing the stuff for shipping yet! ARGGHHH! Stress.

The highlight for me today was meeting up with HS, EY and KP at Ikea. Was so good to see them and share a few laughs. Another good part about the day was digging into the kick ass fried chicken and white coffee (even nicer than Ipoh wan mann) at Village Park, DU, next to the bike shop.

Head's spinning. Too much to do. Toodles.

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